Oxley's Story

Early days

In Summer 2018

Bleaching jeans for fun, selling to friends when no gardening work about.

It didn't take long

Oxley's First Customer

Revamped my grad collection print on vintage Levi's and they looked mmmmega!

First customer - who else but best friend, and muse, Alfie.

From calm beginnings

Then Like Hotcakes

Interest picked up, people wanted to join the crew.

Things got busy

More And More

Setting up studio anywhere to keep up with orders, jeans in the morning, at the patch in the afternoon.

Growing up

Over 150 Pairs

Handmade and sold over 150 pairs worldwide through insta.

Got backed and championed by some OG big dogs at the end of 2019 who believed in me and felt like there was something special here and I thought... f*ck it.

If there's one thing I know, it's how to make cool f*cking clothes you feel me.

now we here

time to have fun

About Richard

Richard Oxley is a British designer, graduating from Central St Martins in 2017. Prior to creating Oxley, he worked for both Vivienne Westwood and Huntsman...