Oxley's Story

Founded on the principle of making the everyday exciting, British designer Richard Oxley launched his eponymous label in July 2021. Reinvigorating wardrobe staples to encourage fearless self-expression.

Upon graduating London’s Central Saint Martins in 2017 and equipped with tenures at Vivienne Westwood, Savile Row’s Huntsman and Candy & The Dandy, Richard rejected the city lifestyle to explore the freedom of the countryside. Travelling across England, he began learning about biodynamics from working on farms such as Fern Verrow, leading to an accumulation of experience which would lay the foundation to launch biodynamic flower farm, Burnt Fen Flowers with his best friend, Alfie Nickerson, in 2020. Inspired by his blossoming surroundings, Richard began up-cycling denim two-pieces to wear on the patch after questioning why workwear couldn't be beautiful.

With an ambition to create clothes that motivate people to get outdoors, Richard began experimenting with other ways to feel good in the fresh air. From cold water swimming to barefoot running, he began designing the uniform that reflected the Oxley ethos of indoor comfort and outdoor expression.

Early Days
Summer '18

Bleaching jeans for fun, selling to friends when no gardening work about.

Oxley's First

Revamped my grad collection print on vintage Levi's and they looked mega!

First customer - who else but best friend, and muse, Alfie.


Then like hotcakes.
Interest picked up, people wanted in.


More and more. Setting up studio anywhere to keep up with orders, jeans in the morning, on the patch in the afternoon.

Growing Up

Handmade and sold over 150 pairs worldwide through insta.

Got championed by some OG big dogs at the end of 2019 who said there was something special here and I thought... fuck it.

If there's one thing I know, it's how to make cool fucking clothes.

Now we're here.
Time to have fun.
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