Richard Oxley is a British designer, graduating from Central St Martins in 2017. Prior to creating Oxley, he worked for both Vivienne Westwood and Huntsman.

Falling out of love with London after graduating, he began to find comfort and inspiration within nature, escaping to the calmness and freedom of the countryside. Working on farms such as 'Fern Verrow' and taking numerous gardening jobs where he could. All inspirational factors to Richard and formative for the launch of Burntfen Flowers - a biodynamic flower farm set up with his best friend and muse Alfie Nickerson.

Surrounded by nature and the freedom of being outdoors, he found his affection for clothing rekindled and questioned why one couldn't look as good in nature as nature itself.
Richard's ambition is to create clothing that will return the favour to nature and inspire people to just get outside and feel good.
And look good at the same damn time
Richard, Atty and Alfie on the Patch


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