Oxley Handmade Cap
Crafted by hand on the Isle of Wight over the course of four days, the Oxley Cap is the perfect accessory for the summer sun and the inevitable shower. Please note that each cap is hand finished and totally unique, no...
Oxley Side Bag
Utilising the scraps of the Shell Jacket, we created a lightweight, durable bag in collaboration with Tottex to hold all of your key belongings in. In keeping with our commitment to intentional sustainability, the accessory is finished with a crossbody strap taken...
Oxley Bottle Bag
From the off-cuts of the O.S Jacket, the Oxley Bottle Bag was born. Wanting to stay true to the brand's commitment to intentional sustainability, we teamed up with Tottex. Together we repurposed the surplus material into a bottle bag that...
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