Our Manufacturers: Blackhorse Lane Denim Ateliers


Located in Coal Drops Yard in North East London lies the capital’s only premium denim manufacturer, Blackhorse Lane Atelier. Synonymous amongst the fashion crowd for being responsible for producing jeans for the industry’s leading brands since 2016, this hidden factory has utilised unmatched textile knowledge and experience from its employees alongside a commitment to seeking raw organic materials for its products. 

 With a focus on sourcing sustainably, priding itself on community and producing arguably the best jeans on the market, the decision to have the Oxley denim created at Blackhorse Lane didn’t take long. 

 But, before the organic cotton touches the hands of these London-based craftsmen, we secured the material ourselves from Candiani Denim. For those unaware of this family-run business in Italy, they are famous for being the most sustainable denim mill in the world; even gaining the title of ‘Greenest Textile Company in the Blue World’

 As a brand we are aware of the environmental impact clothes have and therefore we try to consciously  ensure our decisions lead to as little impact as possible. By combining organic cotton in our denim and having our jeans made in the hometown of the brand, we hope to make people more aware of the importance of the planet as a whole as well as the importance of local artisans. 

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